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Verona, Harrisonburg, Fishersville, Lexington

Have you watched an old movie lately and noticed the star’s teeth were yellow? We’re getting used to seeing beautiful, white teeth on TV and in movies, as well as in everyday life. A beautiful smile used to mean getting a full set of caps. But now we have the knowledge and technology to help everyone achieve good dental health and an attractive smile, without costly dental work. Our offices in Lexington, Fisherville, Verona, and Harrisonburg offer dental appointments, exams, and services to customers all throughout Virginia.

At Dental Health Associates, we love that our patients pay attention to their smiles! There’s nothing better than helping people stay healthy. That can mean regular checkups, cleaning, dental appointments, exams and services in Harrisonburg or one of our other locations. We can also restore and repair problems like cavities, gum disease and tooth decay. We can also whiten and brighten smiles in more ways than even Hollywood could have dreamed just a few years ago.

Because we are a family dental office, we can take care of you and your whole family. Starting your children on the path of good dental health care when they’re young goes a long way to a lifetime of a healthy smile and overall well being. We learn more every day about the connection between gum disease and conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Regular dental checkups and cleaning are as important to a healthy lifestyle as diet and exercise.

Your dental health is important, and we work with you to help keep the cost of dentistry as low as possible. Call our Harrisonburg office today to schedule a dental exam, service or appointment for you and your family!