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Back To School Dentist Appointment? Here Are 5 Reasons It’s Important..

added on: September 27, 2018

Woo hoo! Kids are back to school and out of the house! But you forgot one thing! Ready. Set. Get Them Out Of The House! Having your kids out of school for the past few months has been fun, but we are closing in on the end of summer and… Read More…

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How does your oral health relate to your overall health?

added on: September 20, 2018

Your mouth is full of bacteria. Most bacteria in your body enters through your mouth or nose. Brushing and flossing daily keeps the bacteria levels low and your overall health higher. Proper oral hygiene can keep oral infections, such as tooth decay and gum disease, at bay. Your smile can… Read More…

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Five things everyone is doing wrong when it comes to dental hygiene.

added on: September 13, 2018

1. Not brushing your teeth before bed. Dentists have been telling us for years “Make sure you are brushing your teeth twice a day,” but the real key is brushing them before bed. After dinner and that midnight bowl of ice cream, your teeth are at their weakest and prone… Read More…

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5 Things You Should Do To Get Ready For Your Dentist Appointment

added on: September 6, 2018

Do you get nervous before you go to the dentist, because you don’t know what to expect or how to prepare? No problem! We’ve got you covered! Follow the steps below and you’ll feel great about your appointment. Tip #1: Make Yourself Comfortable Wear your most comfortable clothing. You do… Read More…

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What All Seniors Need to Know About Their Oral Health

added on: June 28, 2018
older gentleman

Getting older is a natural part of life, and as we age our healthcare needs tend to change. Oral health is no different. Our dental office in Dayton is committed to protecting smiles through every stage of life, and this month we want to dedicate our blog to the seniors… Read More…

Looking for Migraine Relief? Consider Seeing Your Dentist

added on: June 7, 2018
woman with headache

Over 39 million Americans, including both adults and children, are affected by chronic migraines, and currently there is no cure. In order to help educate the public on the reality of this painful condition, our Verona dental office observes National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month every June. But why is… Read More…

All About Asthma and Oral Health

added on: May 22, 2018
woman reaches for asthma inhaler

Asthma is a scary, chronic disease that affects over 20 million adults and more than 6 million children in the United States. If not managed and treated proactively, asthma can make it difficult to breathe, cause the chest to tighten, and can even lead to death. At our dental office… Read More…

Thinking About Skipping a Brushing Session? Think Again.

added on: May 17, 2018
young woman brushing teeth

At our dental office in Harrisonburg, we always recommend that our patients brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes. Following this routine daily isn’t just good for your oral health, but can benefit your overall health, too. However, if you skip a brushing session altogether or don’t brush… Read More…

National Women’s Health Week

added on: May 10, 2018
women cycling

In just a few days we’ll celebrate National Women’s Health Week which kicks off appropriately on Mother’s Day, May 13th. This seven day celebration serves to raise awareness of the importance of following healthy habits for women of all ages. At our dental office in Verona, we know that dental… Read More…

April is National Facial Protection Month

added on: April 26, 2018
girls playing field hockey

As the weather gets warmer we all tend to spend more time outside. And perhaps our kids are participating in some fun spring sports. While we’re happy that they’re out the house doing something active, it’s not all fun and games when smiles and faces are at risk for injuries…. Read More…

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